How can I get back on him?

I use to have a friend... he was the best person I had ever meet, I thought I can share everything with him
But one day I had shared about my crush... since then his behaviour is changed...
I am trying to make the things up...
And now in doing so, I think I had fallen for him!
And now his mr. Attitude mode is on... he is roming with a girl which was her school best friend, and believe me the chemistry between the two hurts...
And now clearly he has stopped talking with me... and whenever I does tend to shoot me away by ignoring me
😭😭... I don't know what should be don't in such kinda situation


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  • Don't know the type of friends you were but it appears he was interested in you while you had a crush elsewhere. I guess he moved on. Smart. You should be happy for them

    • But I am interested in him too..!
      But he is acting like a dickhead...
      And I hate it...

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  • Mr. Friendzoned just got stabbed theough the heart. He just realized there would be point for him ton invest in his lover anymore, so he turned on his bad mode with a broken heart.

    • But I don't want it...
      To be precise... when I told him about the crush... I did it because I want to have a talk with him..:(

      And in the situation we were in, we can't do that, so I had to say that I wanna share about my crush...

      And when he was with me, I started talking bit he was desparately asking for it, and then I had to made up a story, so that I don't look despondent, just in order to talk with him


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