Should I just say to hell with it?

So I’m with my child’s mother. We are not married. A couple years ago I got a job at a bread plant. I hated it literally worked everyday of my life and didn’t get 24 hours off for my “off day”.

I stayed there for 2 years at this time my girl did not work. I was 21 at the time. I quit this job 8 months ago. I decided to chase my dreams and start my own business. I started a digital marketing agency. I’m not making a lot of money but I feel like I’m doing good for 8 months in.

My girl keeps saying she is looking for a job but she don’t follow up, go to temp services or anything. She complains about money but I’m like I’m not about to go do some shit I don’t want to do just so you can have a reason to stay home.

All she does is watch vlogs on YouTube and be on snap chat. Like at night when my daughter is sleep I just want to cuddle up and watch movies and have the phones away. All she wants to do is be on her phone and when I say something she says I’m in here with you. How do you guys feel about this?

At times I feel that she wants me to bring her up to her standard of living, and don’t want to work for what she wants. I’m only 24 I don’t have a degree I’m not even stable to carry her and my child. My girl hasn’t worked a whole year since my daughter was born and my daughter turns 3 in September.

Am I being to hard like tripping or do I have valid read to question our relationship?


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  • Lmao I was reading this and thought you were my bf/child's father complaining about me


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  • If she was not watching your daughter you would have to pay for a nanny.

    Pretty much every stay at home mom/dad expects to watch Netflix while the other person pays the bills. Just how it is.

    Now imagine if you had tons of money you would not really care. In fact you would pay a bunch of people to do all the stuff you now think your SO should do.

    That said, yeah it’s not good that she has zero interest in you. Maybe you need to 1.) be nice to her & 2.) remind her that you can upgrade and you are not her slave.


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  • Question away! I had a similar problem. Two weeks after i asked for a divorce, she got a damn job! But she still hasn't gotten out of my house.

    • Ohh dang I think that’s worse

  • Sounds like she needs to put more effort in. Definitely talk to her about it and if things don't change, then yes break up. Not ideal for the kid, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


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