Should I just say to hell with it?

So I’m with my child’s mother. We are not married. A couple years ago I got a job at a bread plant. I hated it literally worked everyday of my life and didn’t get 24 hours off for my “off day”.

I stayed there for 2 years at this time my girl did not work. I was 21 at the time. I quit this job 8 months ago. I decided to chase my dreams and start my own business. I started a digital marketing agency. I’m not making a lot of money but I feel like I’m doing good for 8 months in.

My girl keeps saying she is looking for a job but she don’t follow up, go to temp services or anything. She complains about money but I’m like I’m not about to go do some shit I don’t want to do just so you can have a reason to stay home.

All she does is watch vlogs on YouTube and be on snap chat. Like at night when my daughter is sleep I just want to cuddle up and watch movies and have the phones away. All she wants to do is be on her phone and when I say something she says I’m in here with you. How do you guys feel about this?

At times I feel that she wants me to bring her up to her standard of living, and don’t want to work for what she wants. I’m only 24 I don’t have a degree I’m not even stable to carry her and my child. My girl hasn’t worked a whole year since my daughter was born and my daughter turns 3 in September.

Am I being to hard like tripping or do I have valid read to question our relationship?
Should I just say to hell with it?
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