Why would he chose her over me and then NOT move on?

So I was there first. He seemed to fall for me and then he lost interest for whatever reason. (I was having BC complications and couldn't have sex for months). After a few months he got a girlfriend and I've since stopped seeing him. Whenever I tell him I don't want to talk to him he doesn't say anything, but he still calls and will try to make conversation like nothing happened every other month or so. Why would he choose her and then NOT just move on if I wasn't what he wanted apparently? Its been 4 months and he still is calling me,knowing he broke my heart and I'm done with him.


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  • I can't explain why he still calls. New girl could have not turned out to be as cool as you, who knows. Whatever the reason, if he broke your heart, you should move on.

    Ignore his calls, and eventually he will just back off. You have better things to do with your time then to stress about a boy.

    • Thnkx... he didn't seem all that into her to begin with because he always complained about her...

    • Your welcome.

      Let him deal with it. It's no longer your problem.

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