How can you tell if your ex boyfriend is playing mind games?

me and my ex boyfriend broke up recently we both work at the same place. after we broke up I started sitting with a guy friend of mine. my ex would watch us. he would sit there and bounce his knees and stare at us. that afternoon we got into it. he told me to sit by myself. I told him to stop watching me. he denied doing that. well, about 9 days after that I left him a note in his truck explaining to him how I felt about him and that I still cared. he told a male coworker the next day that he hopes I'm happy and that I find someone. then the following day I went out to my car to find his truck parked by mine. so, I left a note in his truck jokingly asking him if he forgot what my car looked like. well, on the following day he kept looking at me but that was it. the following week me and a male coworker went on break together so we could talk. well, he got up and left the break rm. ever since then if he sees me he won't look at me. I can't figure out why he does what he does. I know that he is jealous. I just don't get any of this. can someone give me advice please. I still have feelings for him and don't understand what is going on right now.

it doesn't matter we just got back together!


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  • |Siting with a male coworker in his presence, leaving notes on his truck, going on a break with the coworker. I am sorry but I think you are the one who is inot games. He is just looking at you in disbeleive I guess.

    I think more then you He is the one need an advice from us and that is Move on are too old to tolerate such childish games.


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