Ladies, how do you view a guy who tells you he still loves you months after your break up?

My ex and I broke up about two months ago. We split on good terms, she was dealing with some personal issues and and my career was becoming more demanding due to a recent promotion. I'll admit the relationship was moving pretty fast, and I think it started to scare her because we were talking about getting a place together. But it was her idea to break up. We text every 2-3 weeks, just kinda "hey how's it going?" and she told me she misses me, but if we started to hang out it would only make things worse. When we broke up, I didn't beg or plead, there was no yelling, I just simply said I didn't want to break up but if that's how she felt I couldn't make her stay with me. The problem is I'm still very much in love with her. So my question is, if I told her how I felt, how do you think she'd take it? Would it be considered sweet and romantic or desperate and clingy?


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  • What problem would be made worse

    • I would assume what she's referring to is that she still doesn't feel she's capable of handling a relationship given her personal issues. Essentially saying, because we were in a relationship it would be hard to be "just friends" without it feeling like we're dating again.

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    • And nowwww I notice your age 😂😂 thank you for your input anyways

    • I put it in wrong and couldn’t change it

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