My Ex just cut the last way of communicating with me after a month of being separated. Is it over for definite or will she come back in time?

So my ex and I split after I spent time with her at her sister's house and came home to tell a mutual friend about my visit. I told him about what I had been up to and also the things that I saw while I was there that I felt were a cause for concern. The next day, I got a call from her asking what I told him. I instantly apologised as I wasn't looking to cause harm. She said she needed time and space to think about things as she felt I had broken her trust and went her own way. I wept for days, stayed awake for 5 days straight and hardly ate anything. I did everything imaginable to fix the problem, however, I will admit I didn't respect her time and space she asked for as I felt the longer this went on, the more damage it would do and all we needed to do was to talk it out. It was the first time we'd ever fought. It wasn't too long before I found out that she was planning on trying a relationship and is now in a relationship with one of her sister's friends whom I met while at her sister's house. I could tell she was into him just by the way she looked at him and called him "Soldier Boy" as he is looking to join the military. I've never felt so cheap and worthless as I've never been cheated on like this (I'm saying 'cheated' loosely as I was overlapped and it's considered cheating).

I've had family and friends become really worried of my mental state and have considered getting me help.

I want to be with this girl more than anything despite having gone through this tough time. I knew she removed me from her snapchat and I was told that my number had been blocked by our friend. It was only this morning I found out that she has removed me as a friend on Facebook after a month of being separated. This means I'm completely isolated from her and although I'm still able to contact her. I just feel I can't. However, her birthday is soon and I want to wish her happy birthday, but don't know whether it's a good idea or not. Does this mean it's the end of our journey?


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  • Sounds like she's made her decision. I mean if she wanted to make it work she wouldn't be in a relationship with someone else.


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  • Move on. That chapter in life is done, time to write a new one


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