He says he'll cheat and lie?

Me and a friend of mine admitted to each other that we were crazy about each other.

He's had a turbulent past in relationships, and has always cheated and lied.

He says that he "can't promise" he won't do it to me. Even though he really cares about me, and likes me more than his ex's.

I think he genuinely was trying to warn me that he can't help but cheat.

I still really like him. What on earth should I do?


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  • Can't help but cheat? Copout! He doesn't even sound like he'd be willing to make an effort.

    If you don't mind being cheated on and lied to, go for it.

    I'm sorry, but I'm worth the trouble it might take to not cheat. You can't do that, you can't be with me.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. I'm gonna tell him I'm worth so much more than that.

    • Good for you!

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  • well maybe you should take it has he knows he's weak for women and he's trying to warn you that if he cheats it's his fault and not yours and if you like him give him a chance but leave him if he's unfaithfull that's all you really can do


What Girls Said 3

  • As much as you like him think about the friendship you both have... and don't take that chance... He is letting you him self that he knows he is a liar and a cheater and not be suprised if he ever does it to you ...

    Not only will he do it but you will never be able to have this friendship the way it is now after that...

    Love and save your self the heartache...

    sincerely yours, A cheater her self...

  • Run in the other direction!

    I know it's hard when you really like someone, but you're getting a free warning here that most girls don't get. Most of us have to find out the hard way. Sorry...wish I could tell you to go for it.

  • Take it as it is. He warned you that he probably will lie and cheat. Is that the kind of pain you want to go through? How can you even start to trust him? It would always be in the back of my mind if and when it will happen...


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