Do guys even care if a girl ghosts them?

Long story short. We hooked up several times. He didn’t want serious. So we did the let’s just be friends thing because he didn’t want to hook up with me anymore but he said he genuinely liked me. But I can’t switch off my feelings for him & now he’s seeing other girls (even though he’s being discreet and I had to find out from someone else!) & it’s killing me. So I stopped messaging him. After 5 days of silence he sent me a message but it wasn’t to ask how I was or if I was Ok for being quiet, he sent me a cat meme. So I replied with a very short, non inviting reply. But then he tried to get a conversation going over this cat picture & I just couldn’t be doing with it so I ignored him. He hasn’t tried to message me since. Should I explain I can’t do the friends thing or just keep ghosting him? I feel like he doesn’t care otherwise he’d have said something or asked why I’m not talking to him?
1 y
In case anyone was wondering, I did the decent thing and spoke to the guy in question. I didn’t ghost him. Thanks for all your opinions, it helped me decide what to do x
Do guys even care if a girl ghosts them?
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