How am I supposed to respond?

when my boy friend calls his close friend (who was his ex hookup), sexy? I mean... he used to be really interested in her, and she reciprocated that for a while and then changed her mind and so nothing ever happened past making out once.

When we first started dating he would talk about other girls, not in a OMG I WANT TO DATE/F*** them sort of way, but just in passing, he would call them pretty. example:

"yeah, I met Alexa, she's really pretty. I thought it was blah blah blah"

at first it didn't bother me at all, but after a while it got to me, so I asked him if he could just withhold that sort of information from me and he has... with the exception of his close friend, who just so happens to be ex hook up, that he was crazy for at some point.

Here was his exact statement:

"shes too nice sexy and awesome to have such a terrible day happen to her. I hope I can help he feel better and that she comes back for Christmas so you guys can meet =D"

my response was literally "i hope she feels better. and that'd be nice"

I wouldn't be jealous if I knew there was no chance of him being interested in her, but I know that he probably still is attracted to her... and I don't care if he is, I just don't want to know about it :/

am I being unreasonable? should I say anything (again)?


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  • No your not being unreasonable at all, I would even say your being a little bit relaxed about the whole situation. I suggest just watching him closley for a little while if she does come for Christmas and maybe he just has a hard time filtering what he should hold back and what to say, and believe me it happens. If you know him well enough you shouldn't be to troubled and just trust him but if he does have a tendency to go overboard or you think he might snap and take it further with her then talk to him before it happens. Sit him down and tell him how you feel and ask him why he says those things to you when you are right there beside him.

    Just wait and watch, talk to him, don't worry just don't go crazy when you try to talk to him and prevent anything that you think might happen.



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  • Oh, 'tis true love is a battlefield. Honestly, by the looks of it, he wants to make you jealous, to tease you. Or, it could be he's kind-hearted and just likes this girl as a friend and wants to make amends. Either way, it's not going to lead anywhere, it's just harmless. But, if it's really bothering you, brining it up again would be the last thing you'd want to do. Just let it slide.

  • Definitely sounds like he wants to make you jealous. You don't have to play his game. But that doesn't mean fight fire with fire, that'll make things worse. Let him know you're not so dependent on him and that should keep him in line.


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