Should I give him a second chance after he lied to me?

I went out with this guy for almost 3 months, and he broke up with me a couple of days ago without giving me a legitimate reason. So recently, I have been noticing that he seemed down, and so I asked him if he was okay. Ever since then, he's been telling me how he feels and that he made a big mistake breaking up with me. But I found out that he somewhat cheated on me. For a good month, he has been flirting with this girl that is my friend and so basically he broke up with me because he needed to figure out what he wanted. In the end, he chose me, but he tells me he chose me because he didn't know how much he liked me until he lost me, but I feel like he chose me because he was rejected by the girl that he was flirting with. And when I comforted him about this, he was lying to me, telling me that he never flirted with any girl. And that all he wanted was me and a second chance to be with me. So my friend (the girl he was flirting with) sent me a text that he sent to her saying "so if things aren't going to work out between us, I'm going to go back with (me), well try to." So I took the text and forward it to him and he started to apologize a lot. I never seen that side of him, where he was breaking down and asking for my forgiveness and another change. My friend later told me that he really still likes me and is willing to change. I told him that I was willing to give him another chance, but he needs to prove to me that he's only there for me and will never hurt me ever again. Did I make the right decision?


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  • You're wayyyy too young to put yourself into drama like this. Trust me, there will be PLENTY of guys who will come and go from your life. If you really like him and feel as if you can move on from what he did then go back out with him. But if you feel like you can't or that its going to take you time to get over it then let it be and find someone new. You don't want to always be his back up girl for when things go wrong and he needs someone to fall back on. You'll just get yourself further into emotions with him when chances are all he's going to do is hurt you even more. If you feel like he can change and treat you right and you want to be with him then you have to figure out if you want to take that risk.


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