I think I don’t want to be in an relationship anymore?

Hey Everyone,
So lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of depression and anxiety. School, work, bills and etc have been trolling my mind lately and I feel like I need a break from the world. My bills began to pile on me so I decided to drop from my classes and now I regret it because I failed one of my classes (first semester btw) because I missed the final and didn’t do my last essay and Monday I take the final for my other classes and I’m hoping I’m going to pass that. But so far as for bills I’ve got one thing paid and there’s more to tackle. My job wasn’t giving me enough hours so I decided i want to get a new job once I finish this last week of school. But as far as my relationship, I love it.. but it’s me who’s suffering from emotional issues and I feel like when I’m alone I can do more by myself than being in a relationship. But I get lonely from not being in a relationship and not having anyone to talk to. So I’m unstable.. my boyfriend has a cool personality but sometimes I feel like he doesn’t love me and I need reassurance and I need help because I’ve been hurt in the past a lot and many people I’ve helped throughout my life couldn’t do anything for me. I just am afraid that now since the phone conversations are getting quiet I don’t want a repeat of me putting my heart and feelings out there for someone to just leave or break up with me again. I overthink a lot and think negatively and I’m trying to work on it and I’m tearing up as I type this because I’m going through a lot. Pls just help me :/
I think I don’t want to be in an relationship anymore?
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