I'm still in love with my ex after months of being broken up?

My ex broke up with me... We were together for 6 months, long distance and yes we have met. We were states apart. Anyways, my ex really broke me... I was already depressed and he was the first boyfriend I ever told about it. He told me he'd stay with me and wanted to help me get better and everything. I told him a lot of things, which is why it hurts so much when he left. But then he ended up leaving... He kept telling me he just wanted to be on his own, and stop worrying so much, he said our relationship stressed him out.

I got really suicidal when he left, thankfully, I did not do it. I kept coming back to him even after he left me, he kept telling the same thing though. He said he didn't want a relationship. In our last conversation he told me he fell out of love with me. That was my breaking point. He told me.. to just block him on everything, forget about him, and move on. I was in love. And to this day, I don't understand why, but there's still a little hope in my heart that we'll end up together again. I don't understand why after everything I still want to be with him in the end. I'm still in love with him. All my friends told me I need to get over him, especially after what he said and done. I'm really conflicted...
I'm still in love with my ex after months of being broken up?
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