She's mad at me for the wrong reason - how do I get her back?

So me and this girl were talking and she said she like me and I asked her if she wanted to go out with me. She was a little hesitant at answering and said she would think about it. BUT when texting and talking to her on the phone she would sometimes ignore me. We would be in mid-conversation and she would just stop texting and ignore me or lose interest, so I would have to come up with some amazing new topic to talk about. THEN one time I forgot to text her back and she got pissed so I said I was sorry and that I wouldent happen again. Over then next week the ignoring increase so I decided to send a 4 page text about why she was dissing me and if she really liked me. Now she is really mad and won't even look at me anymore. I have tried telling her sorry twice but she is still mad. What do I do to get her back?


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  • Talk to her and fix it woah her in a way.


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