How to convince wife to stay?

Friday my wife told me she wants divorce. We talked the whole evening and again all day yesterday. She says I play too much WoW and that she's so tired of it and can't deal with it anymore. I do play a lot, and we've argued over it many times before, so this is nothing new, but I guess I haven't really taken her seriously about it. I realize I've taken her for granted. She says this has been frustrating her for years and that she's really tried to make me understand and change but that she can't deal with it anymore. She feels I'm neglecting both her and the kids and don't do anything around the house either.

I don't know what to do, I don't want to lose my family! I already promised her to change and quit playing completely, but she says she's lost her feelings for me and just wants to move on from this.
How to convince wife to stay?
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