Should I ask him about "her"?

The guy I like is talking to another girl. Should I ask him about how they are doing?


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  • You may aswell but be warned: you may not like what you hear.


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  • If you have to chase him, he's just not that into you. You will not like what you hear if he tells you anything.

    • Not true. But I agree, you should brace yourself for what you may hear.

  • Well,ask him.It shows you care about how he is doing. Wish him well with her and let him know you'll be there if anything happens to them. Stay a good friends!

    • Yeah I'm going to agree, you have to ask him and let him know your interested in him...Maybe he thinks your really beautiful and he went to this other girl because he thinks YOUR not interested or he thinks your out of his league or something like that.....just let him know in a subtle manner that your interested in him...