Should I make a big deal out of it or just let it go?

To start off, I'm really not one of the nosy girlfriends. I don't go through his phone or anything. So a couple of weeks ago, I had my boyfriend's gym bag and I was looking through it. In one of his notebooks, there was a page where a girl had written him a note. It said marshall, hey best friend! guess what? I'm a dork now, just like you! haha! ha I'm just playing! <3 ya best fran Sarah with a little smiley face on it and stuff. I didn't say anything to my boyfriend about it, just kinda let it go. The other day I found an empty mint can in my truck. I didn't remember it so I opened it. Inside was a note from the same girl saying marshall thomas! I freaking love you friend! I hope that makes your day better! ha! (smiley face) ILY! so I asked him about it. cause it kinda made me mad. I mean it ended up in my truck, you know... he said it was the only note it didn't mean anything and it was from a day when me and him were fighting... and that sarah was just trying to make him feel better.. I however knew it wasn't the only one. he swore it was. so I told him to look in his notebooks; he said he did and didn't find one. so this morning I looked in his notebooks. and right on the front of one was where she had written marshall! I <3 u! in pretty blue gen pen. then I found the first note and showed it to him. he acted all surprised and he said these were in the only notebook he didn't look in..

so I'm wondering, guys and girls.. should I made a big deal out of it or just let it go?

(and sorry for it bein so long!)


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  • ok..mayb they are just friends..but he shouldn't of lied to you about it..and why his he hiding their relationship?...well I did the same to my bf..and I really wasn't def talk to him..and get the real truth without fighting...or screaming...thats going to push him away...


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  • yeah, call him on it.

    he's lying, and you need to find out why.

    and how long was going to keep this girl hidden from you?


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  • Theres a red flag here. If it's no big deal he wouldn't be getting defensive and lying to you about the friendship. Give him an ultimatum; be honest about what's going on or you two are done


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