Is it time for the NC rule for real??

Hi guys,

Basically last summer I met a girl and became friends. Their was another boy on the scene at this time, a friend who she had kissed once but said she only wanted to be friends with.

Eventually we hooked up and began seeing each other for a couple of months but then she had to move away for work and slowly we started to see each other less. She also lived close to her 'other' friend and had began seeing him again (as friends).

Anyway she decided that a LDR wouldn't work.

At this point I was very upset and decided on the NC rule convinced that this would win her back (or at least realize how much she misses me). Well she did get in contact 3 weeks later to tell me she was seeing the other guy. I was devastated but put on a brave face and told her that although I still had feelings for her I wish her the best with her new relationship.

After expecting to not hear back she text again apologising for confusing me and that she has been lost/ confused for ages and that although she is seeing the guy is not going out and doesn't know where it will go.

But I feel I've just had enough of this love triangle and all this guessing/ games is not right or fair. I'm still have really strong feelings for her and think about her when I go to bed and wake up but I can't take or risk anymore heartache. I think I should say at this point although she sounds like a game player she has always been up front about everything and never cheated behind my back although I do feel she kept him and perhaps now me on the back burner.

I'm at the end of my tether and feel that now is the time for NC for real as in doing so as we are NOT getting back together and I need time to heal and move on. My question is what to if their ex contacts you when you really are trying to forget them? Did you respond with a message asking them to not contact you anymore or just ignore the communication completely? Advice appreciated!


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  • i think you are doing the right thing, it sounds like she is using you as a convenient rebound and your relationship probably won't be the same as it was if you got back with her now. ignore her communication completely, or even better, change your number or something, that will help your process of moving on. best wishes&goodluck :)


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