Dog taken in break up UPDATE?

Hey everyone, about 2 months ago I made a pretty popular post about my ex taking the dog she gave me as a birthday present back. I stopped one day to see the dog playing in the kennel at the ex's house and took the advice of 80% of what everyone on here told me to do and took the dog back without the ex knowing. She was so excited to see me that she passed out. She was also covered in ticks so I took her to the vet. While sitting in the waiting room, I feared that the chip in her neck would show that it was "her" dog and not mine. Her dumbass never changed the information so she is mine! She is battling some health issues due to neglect like dehydration and lime disease from the ticks but is expected to make a full recovery.

Last week, I got a knock on my door from a state trooper that wanted to know why I was at her home and why I stole the dog. I told them the whole story and showed them a copy of the paperwork that showed ownership, AKC registration and receipts from the vet for vaccinations from when she was a puppy. The ex had no receipt from when she bought her so the police determined that the dog is mine because she was gifted and there's no other proof that the dog was hers.

I didn't want things to end like this and I really didn't want to take her back this way. It could've been handled like adults but she's too busy with heroin and her druggie boyfriend to pay it any mind! Thanks everyone that told me to take her back! Glad I have my little girl running around again!
Dog taken in break up UPDATE?
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