Guys, guys, would you know what is going on?

i was good friends with a guy, i had the feeling he liked me but and after a while i started to like him too! nothing ever happened between us. i started my first job in January and he in march, both in consulting so we work mon-fri from 8:00-22:00, sometimes away from home, he even works a bit on weekends!
2 weeks ago i out of the blue texted him „do you actually like me „more“? he replied „ i like you a lot but i am not looking for a relationship right now, i am sorry if i gave you wrong signals. our friendship means a lot to me“ my answer:“i understand, you are a great person and i want you to be happy. i just always need certainty to move on“
i completely stopped to text him, he asked once how i was ever since (2 weeks), i acted kinda normal but it was a very brief convo.
if you were him would you know what is going on and why i stopped texting?
Guys, guys, would you know what is going on?
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