How to know if he's cheating?

Is there anything to look out for to kind of hint that a guy is or will cheat?


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  • Spoiler alert-- douche bags cheat on women.

    Do other guys think he's a douche bag? If he doesn't have a lot of friends, or his friends don't really think much of him, he might be a douche bag.

    Are his friends all douche bags? He might be a douche bag.

    Douche bag referring to the fact that he is in-genuine, disrespectful to other people and their stuff, doesn't get along with people who can't benefit him directly and specifically.

    I know it's hard for members of the opposite sex to see past the distorted lens of physical attraction, but you might just be dating a douche bag.

    God, my last room mate was such a douche bag. I saw him dangling the girlfriend status above one girls head while he was already going with the girl he really wanted just so he had a fall back-- the girl he was dangling the girlfriend status with knew she was cheating with him on his real girlfriend but she didn't know she was his fall back, or she kind of knew it but I don't know what she was thinking, it was a weird "I am here trying to act like one of the guys but only so I have a chance, however slight, with this one guy while I help him cheat on his real girlfriend" thing.

    The only friends he had were our sweet mates and they thought he was a douche bag too though everyone from the outside coming in thought he was stable dude because he had "friends".

    Lesson to be learned, if his girlfriend had actually gotten to know his friends they probably would have felt bad for her because sometimes in these situations friends, and even better room mates, know more than the girlfriend knows. Otherwise, if his friends hit on you or are not particularly friendly they are probably douche bags too and you can start getting suspicious.


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  • watch his eye contact (looking away, specifically up or to the right), his facial expression (on edge or agitated), body language is shaky or uneasy or impatient, his behavior or attitude is out of the ordinary, unable to keep track of basic things (forgetful, late, poor desire), a second phone number, out late/coming home late/unusual errands or appointments, computer activities, his social circle includes either an ex or a co-worker or confidante (aka friend), watch his spending habits, lipstick or perfume on his clothes

    • Wow, that's so obvious that I wouldn't have thought about it. :P THANKS! That's extreeeeemly helpful. :)

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  • • Conflicting Stories– In order for your boyfriend to cover up his cheating ways, he will need to come up with stories that will buy him time in order to see his lover. Over time, there will come times when his stories just don’t add up. Take note of these and casually ask him again in about 3 days to see if the story sticks.

    • Distant Feeling– Even though “they” say men do not get physically attached when cheating, that is not usually the case. As your boyfriend gives a part of himself to his new lover, something will almost always be taken away from you and your relationship. He only has so much to go around and you will notice the “distancing” between you.

    • Hidden Email Accounts- If your relationship is one of openness (you share email account), hidden email addressed is a very good way for him to hide his communication with his lover.

    • Isolates You From Social Gatherings– Do you get that feeling that there is always an excuse for why you can’t go with him to a social gathering? Who is he hiding you from?

    • Sex Frequency Changes– As I mentioned before, he only has so much to go around and the frequency of sex in your relationship usually suffers because of his cheating ways. In some instances your boyfriend may suddenly ask you to do things he never asked of you before during sex. As he encounters new exciting ways with his lover his subconscious may be trying to get you to be his lover.

    • Suspicious Phone Calls– Are you noticing “private calls” at strange times? Does he walk away out of your hearing distance to take certain calls? The cell phone is still the most personal means of communication besides seeing him in person; so many times “she” will call to hear his voice. As the affair becomes more intense, the more risk they will seem to take. It will actually become exciting for them to take these risks and get away with it. Pay attention though because it will cost them!

    • Excessive Computer Use When Alone– I mentioned that the phone was the second best means of communication for them. Well, the computer pulls up in third. A lot of emails and Instant Messaging will go back and forth during their affair. A lot of these emails fly back and forth when you are fast asleep late at night.

    • Always Covered With Strong Fragrances– In many of these affairs, the two lovers are spending time out in bars, restaurants and even clubs and as they get cozy, her perfume will often be left on his clothes.

    • Damn.. :S You'd have to be careful of those though because it could just be a fluke...

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    • Isolates You From Social Gatherings Do you get that feeling that there is always an excuse for why you can?t go with him to a social gathering? Who is he hiding you from?

      This hits the nail on the head!I was involved with a man for the last year who had come to visit me in my home several times, met my mother & sister. He'd even grown close to my 9 year old daughter! When I asked to meet his family he always had an excuse? My heart is broken but I got fed up with feeling like a secret

    • That's terrible. :S I'm sorry that happened. :S

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