GF of 3 years, cheated on me and is now in a relationship with this guy!

The break up process has been awful, and I haven't helped myself!

One weekend I see her all is fine, the next she is with this guy! I have already punched her new boyfriend, plus when speaking to her face to face I lost my temper again and broke her phone.

Can some one tell me if I have got a chance in hell in getting her back?

I mean we spent 3 years together!

At present we not talking to each other! I don't know how to get her back!


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  • We have a similar story. My ex cheated on me and I saw that guy she was cheating on me with, so I shocked that f***er in the face. I never broke her phone though. That was a huge mistake by you. My ex girl decided about 1 year later that she missed me and wanted to be with me again. I was so in love with her, but I told her to f***k off. This is what you gotta do. FIRST work on your anger. Depending on why you guys broke up plays a huge factor in this. If she said she is " Out of Love" with you then its over gotta move on. If you needed to change your ways, then show her you changed by having a different attitude, don't caring so much about what she is doing, but focus on you. That's all I did, I hardly ever saw her, and finally in a rare occasion when she did see me, she saw that I was living a great life, having fun and that I changed. After time went by I realize that there are a lot of woman out there. I know its hard to understand this now , but there is always someone better than her for you. Bro for every 1 guy there are like 3 females. Plenty of woman out there, we both are still young. Hang in there bro

    • Cheers man for the advice, she was beautiful! just going to find this so hard, it happened so quick

    • If one beautiful girl liked you what makes you think that another beautiful girl can like you? My ex was beautiful too, but guess what, I've been with even hotter. good luck man.

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  • "plus when speaking to her face to face I lost my temper again and broke her phone", you just confirmed why she isn't with you. Control is the word here. Control your emotions and anger. If you don't want to make the situation worse. Do nothing. She will have to decide, if your past relationship is worth saving and going back to. There is nothing you can do to "convince" someone to be with you.

  • +1 for punching the new guy

    - 2 for breaking her phone

    I'm going to be blunt and say that your chances are pretty slime at this point. But you know what? She cheated on you. Do yourself a favor and move on and find another girl who isn't a distrustful, backstabbing bitch.

    Fuck it, +5 for punching the new guy.

  • Probably not going to happen man.


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