How could I get my ex to pose/ would it be appropriate?

Well, I'm an aritst and I'm getting into anatomy

im self taught so I don't have classes and stuff, and lately I was thinking about asking my ex boyfriend if he would pose nude for me.

we had a clean breakup, that wasn't really a breakup, more of a break. we talk a lot and he's always super flirty when he sees me and hugs me and tickles me when I least expect it, and we've both confessed that we still have deep feelings for each other..

but his life is too complicated now with his work schedule and neither of us, mostly me.. want to get involved at the moment

he always loves my art, and would it be out of line to ask him to pose? and if not, how would I go about asking that? just straight up?


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  • I say just approach him and be upfront about it. It seems like you all are comfortable with each other anyway, so it probably wouldn't be odd for you to mention it. Plus, he probably already knows that you do art so he'd understand.


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