How do I know if it's okay to move on?

My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me in January because he said we were going down different paths in life and we didn't make sense together anymore. I took it very hard, and almost 4 months later, I'm still very much in love with him. When we were together we always talked about how we were meant to be and how we were s perfect match, and I still believe that, but I don't know if he does. So I'm stuck in between moving on for good or trying it again with him. I'm scared if I try and talk to him about it he's going to shut me down and I'll go back to the very bad place I was when we broke up, but if I don't and I move on, am I going to miss out on what could be the love of my life? My question is how do I know if he's the right one for me or if he's not?
I can use any suggestions at this point, I am so confused!
How do I know if it's okay to move on?
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