Please Help. What does he want?

Help. I have a male friend who I have liked since the first day I saw him. And love has developed. He constantly says in email and if we are chatting that he loves me and I am amazing. He talks about his girlfriend too me. Just before I rang him and he said oh is that you Laura. I said yes. He said I am just at dinner with his Girlfriend and can you call me tomorrow. What is he saying my name outloud in front of his girlfriend. Just the other day I gave him a chance to forget me and stop being friends with me. I said maybe we should just stop being friends and stop talking. He went silent and said, do you really want that? I said no. He said neither do i. Why the hell does he care so much about being my friend? why does he constantly tell me how wonderful I am. I don't offer him anything. He already has a gf


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  • Woah news flash!... he has a girlfriend I would back off, NOBODY wants to be the "other" woman. He is obviously not in love with you if you come second best to his girlfriend, key sentance: 'He said I am just at dinner with his Girlfriend and can you call me tomorrow.' He probably just wants some excitement because his relationship is at that comfortable stage, maybe he's getting bored? he most likely has no plans of breaking-up with his girlfriend and your just the bit on the bit on the side that boosts his ego just by showing interest in him. you don't deserve to be used like this, I wouldn't get too involved just make it clear that you'll stay friends but nothing more, you deserve a real relationship with someone who can be fully there for you and ONLY you :)

  • I honestly just think he likes you as a friend


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