How can you be madly in love with someone but then dump them to jump straight into another relationship ?

... I don't understand


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  • If he did mean it, he unfortunately has significant personal problems. It's not rare everyone has some, but the severity of them can drasctically affect the ability of that person to have serious relationships. I couldn't tell you what it is with guy, but there's got to be something.

    Or like jessthatgirl said, he's lying. Could be that simple.

    • The 'something' cud be..i let him down one too many times?(but if you truly love s.o,.. you forgive, rite ?specially if the person only made small mistakes)or a cultural thing?hes now with that chick who has the same nationality&religion as his.or a combination of those 2 reasons ?

      Within a week, they made their relationship offical on Facebook..even talking abt mariage (on freakin FACEBOOK). still, he agreed to meet up with me but called it off at the very last min. maybe I was just the rebound?

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  • It's called a lie. You can't me madly in love with someone then dump them after to go on to another relationship. It never works that way. "LOVE" is never that way.

    • :s :(

    • I agree...I was in love with one girl 4 years ago and I still can't really apply myself to another serious relationship...

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