Do you give a pathetic jerk a second chance/date?

As you tell I feel that this guy was a jerk when we were out… he looks gay and he is not my type anyway. I gave him a chance because I thought he was treating me very nice until last weekend. He left me at the place and turned off his phone for no good reason… Well, he came back and took me home. I just find this erratic behavior unacceptable. Now, he is asking for a second chance… Should I go out with him for the sake of revenge?

Ok- no one really got the concept of revenge date...

FYI- I got an explanation for the behavior and lots of apologies ... still don’t buy it .


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  • Revenge dating? That's a new concept.

    Really, though. You don't like the guy, he's not your type, and he's a jerk. Why did you even let him take you home after that show of bad bahavior on your last date?

    Date a guy because you have positive feelings about him. Not because he infuriates you. Otherwise, you are going to find yourself in a series of unfulfilling, abusive relationships.


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  • Why would you bother to waste your time just for revenge?

    Just ignore and forget about him and move on with your life.

  • you shouldn't bother but you probably will anyway

  • only if you are equally as pathetic...

  • Revenge date? That sounds really f***ing stupid. Just move on.


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