I want my ex but he would not talk to me, what shall I do?

We broke up with my ex a year ago. We got back few months ago but he didn't know what he want so we ended it. Now he would not talk to me and ignores me even if he sees me on the street. I still love him but he is just pushing me away. I want him back. what shall I do?


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  • if he doesn't want to talk to you, then you need to let time wear that off

    • After weeks he did talk to me yesterday. He said lots of nasty things to me, I was shocked how can someone say so many bad things to someone they slept with, lived with, they supposedly loved. Over a month ago he was fine, how can someone turn into a beast in such a short time and my only sin was that I texted him few text messages.i know he has problems but he doesn't need to put it all out on me.

    • Sounds like he wants nothing to do with you and wants you to move on

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