Whats going on with my ex boyfriend ?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me because he wanted to be single and that he still loves me, but he text me at least once a day asking me what I'm up to. Or he calls me once a day and wait 5 min and tell me he's going to call me back but doesnt. my question is if he loves me why does he want to be single. when we broke up he told me everything would be the same that he would call me and keep seeing me and that nothing would change. but ever since we broke up he doesn't even talk or text me like he said he would .


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  • whats probly up is he has a bunch of hoes on his arms, when he said everything will be the same, it ment I don't want you I want sum 1 with bigger boobs and tht can make me happier. my x boyfriend is playing the same games, he says he loves me says nothings gona change, thn I read his mail because I dnt trust him and cried 4 awhile, till I relised if he really loved me he'd b with me and if he's not its time to move on, so you shud move on tell him your not gona b 2cd best if he wants you he can take u, if not he needs 2 b ready for you to just leave


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