Ex removed himself from the group chat as soon as I was added?

It’s a study group chat (we do the same major). It’s pretty inactive but has a lot of people from the class. He’s still been a member until recently despite not even taking the course anymore.

I was added back into it after removing myself and my ex removed himself pretty much straight after.

Anyone else’s ex so petty they can’t stand to even be in a virtual room with you? 😂
The break up was MONTHS ago


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  • I would leave the group as well. Wouldn't want to see, hear or get her back into my mind. It would fuck me up.

    • He dumped me though? Surely he should be over it by now, if he wasn’t when he ended it? It’s been months

    • Well when he is the one who dumped you, then maybe he regrets it, or he is annoyed by you. I would say he regrets it. It's something different when he would be the one who got dumped.

    • Thank you for the mho :)

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  • If he broke up with you, he probably wants nothing to do with you. He doesn't want to risk the chance of interacting with you again, or opening up a new line of communication. It is what it is.. It's not pettyness. It's just what happens when two people break up. If you were in his shoes and you broke up with you boyfriend, you wouldn't want anything to do with him either.

    • I get that. I had no plans to communicate with him (I reached out a couple weeks back to be civil, he ignored it). Just strange how we can’t even be in a bloody group chat where no one interacts 😕

      If I broke up with my boyfriend and decided I wanted nothing to do with him I’d remove him off things straight away, not months after the break up 😕

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  • Yep had some that were very peety to point one sent her "little goons" to hassle me

    • It’s very strange, the lengths he’ll go to avoid me 😂

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    • I would hope not, I’ve been surprisingly kind since he dumped me 😂

    • Your being civil yes thats great but if he's petty i dare say some words may have been said

  • it happens

    • I get that, still very childish though when he dumped me MONTHS ago and he’s still pissy about it 😂

    • He's not worth the rent in your head.

  • He doesn't like you


What Girls Said 1

  • He did the right thing and being a real man so that you both can move on healthy...
    What you are sharing here is not healthy.. but its part of moving on...

    Why he did this or that... or why you do this or that... non matters really once you are no longer together...
    Move on dear... and wish him well... and that you both had some good times and will take what you learn to better yourself for the next relationship.

    • I’d agree with you in the “he’s helping me to move on” if he hadn’t decided to add my sister on Facebook the other day, whom he’s never even met 😂

      I want nothing more than for him to be happy, but anytime I’ve tried to reach out and be civil (we’re at the same uni, living a street away, have mutual friends) he’s just ignored it or slapped it away 😂

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    • If he’s trying to move on, why stay attached in any way? (Through my sister?). She’s younger

    • this is what makes us humans exceptional compare to animals. we are beings with feelings.

      it takes time to move on... he is trying... but he is not dead cold...

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