How do I break up with her?

the reason is she is obese and I can't get past that when ever I hug, snuggle or in-bed with her. She has a knee problem so she can't work out very much.


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  • Sometimes people don't want to sugar coat the truth, but in this case, I would. The only thing you shouldn't do is hang out with her one day, and the next day, break it off with her.

    I'd say work up to the break up. ie: From one to two weeks. Lead up to it.

    Cause in the end, it's gonna hurt her anyways.

  • aww that is so sad but its okay, if you can't get passed...thats alright because you shouldn't be forced either. The only thing I advise to do is to NOT tell the exact truth for breaking up with her. I believe in honesty but I feel if you do tell her, it will cause her a lot of heart break and like most young girls, she'll go around telling people the reason you broke up with her and you'll end up looking terrible. Just tell her its not working out and you don't feel the connection ,like you did before, its the truth because the obesity is getting in the away of connecting and being with her physically. you don't have to tell her the obesity part. I know it may seem dishonest to not tell her the exact truth but 2 people will get hurt if you told her. either way, she will be hurt but even more hurt to know it was her weight that prompted you to break up with her. some one has to tell her about her weight but I don't think its your oligation to unless you want to. good luck!


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