Guys, Should I call my ex It's been 2month, I miss him?

We been friends for 5years.
because the religion.
We was friends for 5years, before we started seeing each other. And I wanted to wait till we get married to have sex, but he doesn't believe in that. So it was hard for him, he said it was up to me so I choose my religion. But I miss him as friends.


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  • Did you break up with him? If yes, its your fault and if you miss you should contact him if you made a mistake.
    If he broke up with you, dont contact him, he disrespected you and chose religion over you.

    • I broke up with him, because he said nothing is stopping him being with me. But I can't leave my religion, so I chose my religion. And I thought he would understand that. but he just let me be, like wtf I thought we was friends and I was there for him 5years only been together as bf/gf only 5month.

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    • he's not going to choose friendship because thats lesser than what he had. It not up to you to contact him, he has to work out if he wants to take up your faith and reinitiate a relationship and get married to you.

    • ty for the MHO vote :)

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  • I wouldn't contact him unless you are planning to have sex with him. He will get the wrong impression. You broke up for a reason. Your religion meens more to you. It wouldn't be fair to him to wait if he doesn't believe in it. However, if he doesn't love you enough to wait and respect your wishes then it probably wasn't meant to be in the first place. Good luck 😊


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  • I don't recommend you call him.

  • Sleep with him. Benefits are more important than face

  • It depends on why did you cut


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  • Dont. Just dont. Please dont...


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