Should I leave or try to work this out?

I apologize for my English since its not my first language.

So me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year and I met his parents like a month ago.. I‘m never invited to dinner like his brothers girlfriends
Actually he invited me to dinner last week and I asked countless times if his family would be there too and he said they would eat with us but when I got there the two of us were alone

I know that he loves me, everyone knows he‘s in a relationship with me, he bought me expensive gifts and tells me he loves me everyday but his actions make me feel like he's not proud to be with me at all

I thought that if you love someone you show them off? Everyone tells me how lucky my boyfriend is to have a girlfriend with a body like that but he makes me feel like the ugliest girl in the world

But when it comes to meeting his friends or family he acts like I’m just some random girl
When his sister who lives 5 hours away came to visit he didn't invite me over for 2 weeks
Months ago there was this wedding which his ex girlfriend went to as well but instead of taking me with him he stayed at home

His brother invited me to his birthday which is today everyone brought their girlfriends but he obviously didn't want me there... I’m so hurt I don’t know whether this is normal or not
Should I leave or try to work this out?
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