How do I tell my boyfriend I wanna take a short break?

I have been with my guy for a few months, it's been a shaky relationship. Lately we have been fighting about everything but at the end of the day we run back to each other and make up. I hate it though couples are not supposed to fight this much, I feel like a week apart would do us good. How do I mention this to him?

things haven't been good for a wile he's so arrogent and cockey, and he flirts with other girls it just makes me so mad
he accuses me of cheating all the time and that's what gets us started fighting


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  • just tell him you want a break, but remember that this is also a sign of cheating on need to reassure him by keeping in touch somehow

  • if he's accusing you of cheating, he's most likely cheating himself. a short break just signals a breakup, do him a favor and just end it

    • how does a short break signal a break up?

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    • what does that even mean?

    • sometimes, the person you least expect to sweep you off your feet, just can sometimes show up in the most random places. :D

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