Too soon to let him know?

So I guess I just wanted an outside opinion on this rut I'm in. I met this guy at my job where after an hour of casual eye contact across the room he approached me and asked me to dinner, saying things like he's usually not that forward and he's a nice guy and how he was going to call me the next day, etc. Too my surprise he did call me the next day and we set up a date 2 days later. To sum it up the date went date (like it was an actual date-something I haven't done in a while) and he would call me/txt me often.

Out of the blue though things changed. Maybe 2 days would pass by (which is fine because we're both busy) and we didn't talk, but when I would send a text or call & there would be no answer. Another 2 days or so would pass then he messages me to see what I'm doing. After a couple messages I would ask a casual question (to keep things goin) no answer and it's been like this for like the past week.

I'm kind of annoyed by this because I don't know if he's playing games or this is just how he is and he doesn't realize this. I haven't seen him in ten days or so(when he does message me I'm usually at work) and he randomly asked at 2 in the morning if he could sleep over after never responding to my last message,

So do you think it's too soon to let him no I'm not interested in playing games and to see what it is he's looking for or am I just over analyzing things & this is something guys do.

Thanks in advance! ;)


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  • honey you have got to let him know. you should not be with a guy that doesn't put the same effort in as you.

    • I know I am. I just need to ask him what he's looking for because I can't set myself to get hurt again. Bleh, men. ha ha thanks!

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