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My girlfriend and I recently broke up ago, 2 weeks, after 3.5 years. While everything wasn't perfect with us, we both loved one another. Well I am wondering the probability of her meeting a new guy and that is why she left. We had sex 2 days before we broke up and I had even talked to a few times on the phone after that with no issues or warning signs. Then BAM, she says I am not happy anymore, we aren't married yet, you are not supportive enough, basically everything is my fault apparently. Since then she has not called me once and we talked multiple times a day and saw each other almost every night. We do not even speak nor have I seen her in over 2 weeks. She broke up with me on the phone as well. How can someone just walk away and be so cold? I mean really? Anyway just curious what other people think. I know my gut is probably right, there is always a third party.
Those words cut to the bone, even though I respect her choice it is hard.
so she would have to see the changes correct?
Thank you too you all for your comments. Yes I know she is with someone else, well I haven't seen it but I feel it. Anyway if that is how it is then well so be it. I would like her to finalize some things and give me back some items .
It would be nice to get rid of our pics on Facebook as well. Why do women play games? Just finalize it and move on. It is obviously more fun on the other side of the fence so get on with it. Until the dude dumps her, we shall see.


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  • She made a clean cut, cause it's best that way. Especially if you love the person you're breaking up with, you should not have any contact with them, because it's too easy to slide back into old patterns, kiss, have sex...and when you are unhappy, getting back before anything has really changed is not helpful.

    I'll give you an example. I love my boyfriend, sorry, ex-boyfriend, SO much. I would do anything to see him and be with him. But I just wasn't happy in our relationship. For reasons that I feel are somewhat in his control, so I won't see him until I feel something has REALLY changed. Cause if I see him and nothing has changed it'll just be all the harder.

    I will just be disappointed, and miss him again. I will just be miserable and hurt and STILL broken up. That's just my take.

    • Thank you that is insightful. I feel that too and appreciate her just cutting it off on a way. It is very hard to deal with at times. I did the stupid thing and sent her a text today and she texted me for an hour to avoid my thoughts in person. The one that haunts me is "you were me everything and I felt like I was your something, I showed you how good it could be, but it didn't work. I was unhappy. I will always care and love you, you were my first love and this isn't easy on me either."

    • Tell her you understand and respect her decision. That you'll give her some space and will not contact her.

      If you want to get her back, try to work on the things that went wrong and after a while, SHOW her how things have changed. Maybe you have a chance then. :)

    • Thank you for your answers

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  • I agree with the first comment.


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  • I think she met a new guy..but it's more of a rebound. I'm still not too sure why she left you all of a sudden. But if you want to get her back before she hooks up with a new dude..check out what this guy has to say ==> link


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