I like this guy and he likes me, but he's rebounding with someone else..

So me and this guy like each other (he's basically told me so without actually saying it many times because he's nervous) and it's pretty obvious to everyone around us.. but he just got out of a REALLY long relationship.. meaning all of high school and then some.. they started going through a rough time in the beginning of the fall which is when I met him and he started flirting with me. there was a time where we were about to too hook, but I just couldn't do it because I didn't know if he really liked me or if he just wanted someone to rebound with. now I know he real did/still likes me, but I'm 99.9% positive he's hooking up with someone else anyway because he knows I'm not the kinda girl you hook up with and be done with. its really frustrating though because he still does things that indicates he likes me and I try to let him know too, but I suspect he thinks its just casual flirting. it also really bothers me that he doesn't want me knowing about this other girl in case I come around.. he's being very shady about it and after all this I still like him.. am I wasting my time? should I try to get him away from her? what do I do? or better yet what's going on in his head?

about to hook up*


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  • don't be another rebound opportunity, either...your gut thoughts here are painting that scenario


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