Relationship ending because...

So I can't make a poll (not level 3)

Do you think the people around you break up the relationship?

Insults and sh*t...the normal stuff

Is it easier to have a boyfriend from another school or better to have a boyfriend in the same school as you. Also, depending on a big or small school what do you think?


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  • The ending of a relationship can be influenced by all kinds of stuff - and yes, I agree that people around the relationship can take a toll depending on who they are and their influences on the people in the relationship.

    As far as boyfriends who are in different schools, I think it's better when they ARE in a different school (and this is me being an adult, lol) because it helps you stay focused on school. BUT on the other hand, I can see why it's better when they go to the same school because you guys can spend more time together.


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