Dumped and Depressed; someone help me please?

Best friend of 2 years and boyfriend of 1 year, we we're about to move in together. He moved out of state a month ago. I had my bags packed, work notice and about to move there to be with him. Until he broke up with me about a week and a half ago. Totally blind sided. He said he fell out of love and didn't want to be with me anymore. That was it. Cold hearted and all. I begged him back, devastated and confused. He assured me it wasn't another girl and he wanted to be single. And he wanted nothing to do with me.
So I gave up trying. Figured my best bet would be to give him space. No contact. So afterwards he deleted his Instagram account. A few days later he reactivated it. Still following me. On Facebook I deleted him but he remains friends with my dad, sister, brother and aunt. He also remained friends with me on snapchat and opened the only photo I posted to my story a few days ago of me passing a work certification. Then today, I noticed he deleted me off snapchat. And blocked me on instagram. I did some digging only to find he posted a photo of him back in our home state with his dog and also following the girl that wouldn't leave him alone throughout our relationship. He claimed he didn't like her like that but she was so obsessed with messaging him. He is however still friends with my family in facebook to which he has been online updating his "about me" section and adding more females.
I thought going no contact would make him wonder and miss me. I don't know what's going through his mind but I would appreciate anyones thoughts.
I am devastated and heartbroken. I still love him.
Dumped and Depressed; someone help me please?
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