Is it right to talk to my ex?

Hello, I broke up with my ex over a year ago, but in good terms in my opinion. After 4 months of breaking up I saw a photo of her with her new boyfriend in Instagram and through sadness and heartbreak I unfollowed her. I didn't talk to her about it because I know it is not my business, but I still felt hurt because that man wasn't me. After 2 months she deleted me from Facebook. I took it as a sign of her needing space and I stopped talking to her or trying to reach her for 1 year. Right now, I just want to know how she is and how she is doing because I still care about her but I don't know if I will make the right decision. Should I try to talk to her? Well not try... Should I try to talk to her? Should I do what I really want to do? Or should I just forget it and move on?

PS: I still don't know if she still has a boyfriend or not
Is it right to talk to my ex?
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