How do I move on?


My friend and I had this stupid idea of downloading a dating app called "Skout" that's sorta connected with another one called "Meet Me" and to be honest, I just wanted to meet new people since I don't really go out much (even though I should because my household is toxic). To be honest, I didn't expected to meet a guy I'll actually like, he was also talking about my favorite subject which was politics, and even though he was a racist Trump supporter, believe it or not he treated me like a lady and would do anything for me, he even called out on my ex and made his mom let him visit for Christmas. I was happy even though I knew it was stupid and wrong to go after a boy I only knew online. I mean I live in Canada and he lives in Utah... how the hell would that work? But of course young and stupid as I am I let myself get attached.
Everything turned bad when my dad brought another whore home and I got sick of his disgusting behavior, so I went outside for a walk after talking with my then internet "boyfriend" and when I got back that morning my dad decided to send me in a clinic for the weekend for a checkup. It was like a therapy camp thing where phones weren't allowed, but he didn't do it for my health... but because he wanted to cheat on my stepmother again.
I went down for air again, there was the moment where my friend came down to talk to me and prompose me. I told my boy and he seemed okay with it at start but when I came back home he called me a cheating hoe and told me other horrible things. He accused me of lying and that my address apparently fake wtf? I always came home earlier to make him feel better. I blocked him and told myself to not date online ever again because this isn't real... but then why does it hurt? How do I move on? It wasn't real right?
How do I move on?
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