How do I win my ex back? We see each other everyday?

My ex lost his father last month and was trying to find a new apartment clean his apartment deal with lawyers studying finishing homework after a full clinic day and found out his father had another kid and wife he didn’t know about (his parents were divorced and he didn’t speak to his father). Obviously he was very busy and saw me as a stress in his life and became easily irritated with me.

He was very unsure of what to do part of him wanted to try to make it work with us and another wanted one less stress right now. He told me if we’re meant to be together we will find our way back. I have never seen him cry before until he broke up with me.

We are in the same class at school and spend 40 hours a week in class together in a class size of 50 people. We sit near each other and can’t really change seats (not next to each other). We didn't talk at all this first week and our class went out this past Friday. My ex asked if it was okay if he came to our pregame and I said it was fine but to please remember I was giving him space and trying to keep myself together at the same time.

We didn't speak I looked like I was having a blast out and he didn't. I danced all night and I danced with a male classmate (who is like a brother to everyone, including my ex) who I have danced with while my ex and I were together. I also stopped sharing my location with my ex while at the bar.

Next day I woke up to a text asking to talk. He was upset I danced with our classmate and said he went to text me telling me to make it home safe and saw I stopped sharing my location. After I convinced him I wasn't trying to upset him at all I sat near him and held his hand brushed my fingers through his hair rubbed his back keep my hand on his thigh and kissed his cheek. He said we can't keep his own life together right now and couldn’t balance a healthy relationship on top of it.

I don’t know how to make sure he comes back when everything set
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Also, I apologize for the missing commas. I needed about 15 more characters. Hopefully it makes sense.
How do I win my ex back? We see each other everyday?
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