How do I get legit revenge on my older sister?

My older sister is s mean to me! We've been fighting since I was 4! And I'm 16! Please help me get LEGIT revenge on her! I cut her bed sheet but that's not enough! I need more! I want her to learn to NOT mess with me! BTW- because, sometimes I have anger management issues. So, I don't want to get crazy on her. I love her, don't get me wrong!

Anyways, any answers?


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  • Revenge is childish and pointless. Cutting her bedsheets and doing crazy things will only cause trouble for you in the end. That is the kind of stuff that lands people in jail for slitting their ex's tires or keying cars and vandalizing property. You need to grow I understand about the not getting along part. Me and my sister have been fighting forever too. But we have since moved out of our parents home and choose to have nothing to do with each other. You obviously can't do that yet but when you need to do is talk to your parents of possible. Get them to understand that the annimosity has gotten out of hand and they need to make sure to do their jobs as parents when the fighting gets out of control. Because if nothinbg is done now, you will still hate each other as adults. I don't know what idiot said that sibling rivalry ends when you get older. Nothing ends if nothing is done about it.


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  • go out with her boyfriend and tell her how good it was,she must be a real BEEEEEEE.

  • Put Ice Hot on her deoderant in the morning. ;D

  • What has she done to you?

    • She has tellign me I'm stuid and fat and that I'm ugly. She keeps saying that I will never be as pretty as her.

    • Wow sounds like a bitch

      sorry I don't know what exactly to do.....

    • oh, well ok.

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