What is this girl's problem?

Okay so there's this girl...

I went with this guy for like a couple of months and then the next year (her first year in school) she went with him for like two years and before she knew he was my ex she tried to be my friend because she seen me everywhere a lot and started to say hi to me. I guess he told her I was his ex & after that she started giving me dirty looks and ignoring me when I said hi.

I left that alone.

I then started messing around (basic stuff like kissing) with this random guy who doesn't even go to our school (we see each other at parties a lot) and now she goes with him (long-term boyfriend type of thing).

I don't mess with guys a lot but each time I find one to mess with for a short time she turns around and makes them into her life partner and stays mad at me for a reason I don't even know.

Um what is her problem?

Long story short: When I mess with a couple select guys for a short period she makes them into her boyfriend. (I know them first and like months later she finds them.) The whole time she's rude to me when I never did anything rude to her. Why?


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  • IGnore guys who call you slutty. They really have no room to talk about anyone or judge you, they don't know you. But this girl iscould be stalking you, I would start carrying around some mace or something, that is super creepy. She may even be a lesbian who is love with you, you never know.

    • Haha I don't even know. She seemed super nice at first then one day I said hi she just gave me a dirty look and all this began.

    • Hell maybe she's jealous? Maybe she wants to be you? Who knows, Honestly just keep your distance from her. I wouldn't let it bother you to much, obviousl she's not that important lol

    • Alright thank you

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  • You sound slutty

    • Um how?

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    • Calling someone a bitch and a slut is not funny.

    • XDDD

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  • your ex probably said a bunch of bad stuff about you. I have exes tell me really bad stuff about their exes, to try to make me hate them so it makes sense. It's probably a combination of her being jealous you were with him before her, and him telling her bad things or making up stuff about you or something, I've seen this happen before.


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