Girls opinions needed on ex-gf situation?

So I bought tickets for me, my cousin, her girlfriend, and my ex (also my cousin's best friend) to go to a concert almost 2wks ago in upper Alabama.

We stayed there Wednesday night until Friday night.

Me and my ex shared a bed since there was only 2 beds and my cousin & her girlfriend was in one.

First night my ex stayed away a little but by the 2nd night she got a little closer and end up throwing some of leg over my foot like she used to do when we were together (been split up 2yrs this October).

Friday we went to Mt. Cheaha State Park and had a great time but while we were there we decided to cool off so we got in this natural spring water river. At first we all were at the same place until my cousin and her girlfriend decided to go a little further down the river so I told my ex she could go over there with them if she wanted, she said "No, I'm good" so she stayed over there with me.

A little bit later on me and my cousin decided to jump off this waterfall there so I handed my ex some of my things and asked her to please hold on to those while I jumped off.

I got back up and got my stuff from her and she said "Here ya go babe" then said "I mean um, here ya go." First time she's called me babe since we were together.

The other night we were texting back and forth and the opportunity to ask about it presented itself so she said that it's a habit from work, that they all call each other that.

I could understand if we were at her work but we weren't and she hadn't called anybody that the whole trip except me that one time.

So what are y'alls thoughts/opinions?
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We also went to lunch together this past Thursday before I had to go to work and while we were eating she slid in "Next time we come here I think I'm gonna try the chicken sandwich." So I thought to myself "So there's gonna be another time we come here?"
Girls opinions needed on ex-gf situation?
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