Do I just have that bad of luck?

Seriously, the last 5 women that I have gotten to know to the point where I would like to ask them out already have boyfriends. The first time, we were walking to the bus stop together and talking and I was getting excited that maybe I had finally found someone, when out of the blue she makes a comment about her boyfriend. That sucked. Second time, we were walking to class together and the same thing happened. Really?! The third time, I asked her out because I thought she was single, but apparently I was wrong and she stopped talking to me. Bad luck again. The fourth time, I was just sitting in the commuter lounge at school and heard the girl I was interested in was planning on moving in with her best friend who just happens to be a guy. Rats! And the last time, I had a half hour conversation with another girl about all the things she likes to do and her car problems and etc. I am more of a listener and she almost never stopped talking, but I am OK with that. As shy as I am having someone who likes to speak her mind and talks a lot wouldn’t be that bad. But, yet again, after 20 minutes she mentioned her boyfriend. I am just about fed up with the same thing happening to me this many times in a row. What is going on?! Am I really that unlucky? Sorry this is such a long question, but I needed to explain the whole situation for you to fully understand my frustration. PLEASE HELP!


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  • Yeah, that is bad luck. Just keep in mind that the more you go out, the easier it is to meet new people. And the more people you meet, the more of a chance you have to meet a girl you like who doesn't have a boyfriend


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