Is he cheating? Or is he just being very sneaky

So my boyfriend has always been obsessed with checking my history on my computer and my last visited sites... he's always trying to see who's texting me and who's in my contact list on my phone.

I always hear people say if someones accusing you of cheating they probably are themselves... so I got curious one day and looked in his cells contacts the other day and he had several numbers in there that were just 2-3 letters not names... like "MJ" and "Denny" or "Hip"... I know for a fact he doesn't know anyone named Denny(first or last) and no one with the name or initials MJ... are these nick names for girls to hide that from me or am I just getting insecure?


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  • some men like to have a lot of girlfriends' contact nos but it doesn't mean they are cheating. Probably they are just friends, nothing more.

    • I thought that, but I know all his friends that are girls they made it their mission to befriend me... they said they wanted me to know they could trust them not to... I'm just worried he's being sneaky because I have caught him on sites like plenty of fish and adult dating adult I do mean "XXX"

    • Well, if he is on dating sites then that is where he got the contacts no. But if you are not comfortable with his online activities, probably you should talk to him about it.

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