Will someone ever love me?

Will someone ever love me? I'm 21, never been kissed or had a serious relationship. I don't understand, I am slender and pretty, I do turn heads all the time, but that seems to be the extent of it. I know I am confident and have been told that scares guys away, but is that really true? I can't play the shy and coy girl, I'm upfront and direct. Don't want to change who I am. Will there ever be someone for me?

I am clever, witty, funny and smart too, freaking getting A's in my fourth year of my BA.


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  • Guys don't like rejection. They aren't going to approach you unless there is a good chance of not getting rejected. So the key is to give the guys the green light. Smile, make eye contact, talk to them. If you already know them, then get close, talk to them more than others, touch them.

  • just make sure guys know you are approchable that's all I can really say. and sometimes you might end up having to do a little fishing yourself.

    • How do I become more approachable? For relationships, because I have lots of girl and guys friends, so definitely approachable in the "friend" sense.

    • I would just make sure that if you are interested in a guy he knows its not just as a friend. though the best lovers are a friend. side note sorry. I know that little hints like a touch or getting a little closer work sometimes though some guys are dense. and it also depends on the guy. we are all different sorry to say.

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