Is he doing this on purpose?

So my ex and I still kinda had a thing going until now. Just last week, we had a sexual conversation and the next day he blocked me on all social media, telling me he’s met someone and wants to pursue her. He’d met her on tinder earlier last week. By Sunday they were officially together. I’ve stayed quiet on social media about him and us, posting myself having fun and things, because I know his roommate sees it, and I don’t want to seem depressed. My ex, meanwhile is posting on all his social media about her and pics of his new girlfriend for my family and friends to see. Is he doing this to try and get to me because I’ve been seeming happy and staying away? He also blocked me on twitter late last night, for no reason. I haven’t spoken to him or even used my twitter in 10 days. I don't know if she asked him to, I doubt it though, because that would mean he’d have to tell her what he’s done. So is he doing this on purpose?
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Is he doing this on purpose?
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