Will he give me a second chance?

I explained to my ex of 3 years (we have been broken up for almost 2 weeks) that I have a mental illness that I am now on medication for. It was the reason I was always so unhappy and caused so many fights. I told him this and asked him for a second chance. He said he didn't know.that the damage has been done. H still loves me and my 5 year old son. The misery we had due to my attitude is why he stays away. How can I prove to him it is okay now? Do you think he will give me a second chance?

i told him that if he honestly does not want to be the man he was to us anymore, than I would move on. That I understand if he doesn't want to love me anymore. If he doesn't want us, then my son and I have to say bye. He hasn't responded-5 hrs later


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  • Give him space. Let him figure himself out. It sounds like he still has feelings for you but he doesn't know what to do. So give him space. Don't contact him for awhile. For now, focus on your son. And yourself. YOu said you have a mental illness. SO try focusing on how to make things better for you and your son. You and your son can't continue relying on your ex anymore. You have to learn to live without him, for now at least. Right now, he doesn't want to totally lose you. That's why he doesn't respond. But he also dosnt know if he wants to be wtih you. He's confused.

    Just give him time. Don't bug him, text, email, or call. Just let things be.

    If he decides he wants to be there for you during this illness, and wants to work things out, then he will come back, voluntarily. But if he doesnt, then, you know what that means.

    Iv read your other question about him, and trust me, he won't come back by you (sorta) begging him back.

    Would you really want to be with someone who gives up or runs away when things get rough? You need someone right now, due to your condition, and he knows that, but -- where is he?

    Just let him go for now. Focus on your family. And things will fall into place. Everything will be ok.

    Sometimes when you hold on too tight, it just pushes the other person away. So let go, and just trust that everything will fall into where its supposed to.

    • Thank you. I don't know if you read my new question but he says he sees us as being friends and nothing more. Only after 12 days. But, maybe with the space will let him think more about the family he left. I hope it does. I keep praying for this to get better. Thank you, for your advice is very helpful.

    • It would be nice to be friends. But I don't think you are ready to be just friends. It would hurt if you saw him with another girl, right? Its not fair to be "friends" when one of you is still inlove. So I suggest you try moving on before considering it.

      Everything will be ok.

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  • There is always a chance. I would ask him if he would consider being friends and maybe working back up to having a relationship again. I would also sit him down and tell him a little more about the illness you have.

  • Move on he dos'nt want you so stop waisting your time,do yourself a favor and rebuild your selfesteem because you have a son that loves and needs his mommy...goodluck!

  • what was the damage? the worst that can happen is that you cheated on him?

    • The damage I am guessing is that we fought way too much. We were both faithful to eachother

  • Yes he will give a second chance if you ask him out again.

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