Letting go of my best and worst ex?

Long story short broke up with my X after 3 and half years after we both moved to my hometown of LOS Angeles, and to sum it up the wheels fell off and our relationship was tested beyond what most could take, family , financial, struggles , job losses, etc etc.

After a year of her taking out the struggle and unhappiness on me she constantly picked up me, and made my life miserable because of her in ability to still just smile through hard times.

I fell victim to a girl I met at the beach during a low time and I slept with her out of weakness. * yes I know dirt bag cheater. She left the panties in the car and before I could tell her the next am, she found them, and all hell broke lose.

we lasted another two months and I never did it again but nothing in the relationship she was willing to work on. She seemed to use that as a license to kill me with.

two months later she had me come home one night sat down and told me she slept with five guys on Craigslist and one guy at the coffee shop she gave herself to fully.

I still let her stay in the apt more months and decide our fate until finally I couldn't take the punishments any more.

so I helped her to get an apt and we separated.

this whole time if just felt I wished we had the year back that we broke from struggle not a lost love,

than a bomb dropped on me * that one guy she got pregnant from the one she felt had strong feelings * which I knew was just disguising her pain, he later dumped her and treated her like sh*t.

i had to help her deal with her surgery and abortion and I reached a point I felt I had to get away , she couldn't give me trust and I couldn't trust her anymore.

i moved out of state and we parted with love but

she just picked back up being a typical girl whom can't be alone and is sleeping with every guy and blaming me for it.

She never asked me to stay or that she wanted me but as I left our fondness grew at first but she would be hot and cold based on who she was sleeping with.

now she says your gone and can't take it I don't know who I am anymore. and she's just running around.

I don't know what to do, I still love her I wish we had this year erased cause we were on our way to a lifetime of love but the water under the bridge is bloody and I have no choice I guess but to feel that she has blamed me for my cheating as an excuse to be a whore for to long. and that who she has become is flaky and not the girl I loved. but it still

hurts big time. I wish we broke from a lack of love not from our struggle of the year.

I'm holding all this inside I guess I had to share with someone esp. girls.


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  • I feel your pain, in a way. It's hard to even want to work things out, and sometimes it's just down right impossible, after things like that happen. Life certainly isn't fair and in my experience, full of let downs and heartbreak. There's something better out there awaiting you, and all of this will lead you right to that dream woman and you'll eventually become grateful for this experience, although it was quite an awful one. Good luck to you.


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